Vaginal Mesh Implants – Update 02/10/2017

Vaginal Mesh Implants – Update 02/10/2017

Vaginal Mesh Implants- UPDATE

Earlier this year we issued a press release informing that hundreds of women were seeking compensation as a result of complications that arose from faulty transvaginal mesh implants. We also reported that we had seen a substantial month-to-month increase in claims for faulty Transvaginal Mesh Implants from April to May.

Today we would like to update on what is now being referred to as a “crisis” with the news that several women across the UK, United States and Australia are seeking compensation, and in the US there has been some success with regards to claiming compensation against the manufacturing firms responsible for such faulty implants.

After it came to light that both the product design of the transvaginal implants and implantation technique had contributed to serious complications for some recipients of the implants, these recipients had no choice but to take action. One of these women, as reported in The Guardian, was 51-year old Ella Ebaugh.

Ella, who lives in America, received a vaginal mesh implant to treat urinary incontinence. But, after an unsuccessful procedure which led her to have three revision surgeries to remove mesh that had cut into her urethra and migrated to her bladder, Ella was left with “a mangled urethra, bladder spasms and continual pelvic pain”.

Ella’s court case took place in Philadelphia this month, and Johnson & Johnson, who reportedly launched their vaginal mesh implant without a clinical trial, were found liable for Ella’s suffering. Ella was awarded $57m in damages as a result.

Shockingly, and distressingly for Ella, Johnson & Johnson said they plan to appeal the verdict. The company recently released a statement reading: “We believe the evidence in the Ebaugh trial showed Ethicon’s TVT and TVT-Secur devices were properly designed, Ethicon acted appropriately and responsibly in the research, development and marketing of the products, and the products were not the cause of the plaintiff’s continuing medical problems.”

With thousands of women planning to sue for the faulty implants, it’s certain that many more women will be successful in their transvaginal mesh implant claims in the future. However, it is likely that the claims process will be a complicated one for many, as it must be determined which company was responsible for the particular faulty implant that caused claimant’s complications, and whether there are any other factors which should also be taken into consideration (such as implantation technique and hospital aftercare).

If you are suffering with complications as a result of a faulty vaginal mesh implant, we recommend you seek help as soon as you feel able to. Attwood Solicitors is one of the first law firms seeking to recover compensation to those affected by Transvaginal Mesh complications, and we ensure our solicitors have the highest level of knowledge on the subject and are up to date with any news as and when it is released.

As this is a sensitive subject, we have selected a women-only team of solicitors to support victims through their difficult time. If you or a loved one have been affected by anything covered above, please call us on 0800 145 5105 to speak to a member of our team in confidence or click the link below to read more and to complete an online form:

Read more about Ella Ebaugh’s court case against Johnson & Johnson:

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