Latest News On The Nissan Navara Snapped Chassis Issue

Latest News On The Nissan Navara Snapped Chassis Issue

A video has been leaked on Vimeo in which a Nissan employee seems to admit that there is an ongoing issue with chassis corrosion to certain Nissan vehicles, namely the Navara and Pathfinder models.

It video appears to be a training video sent to employees and the trainer states: “In response to some coverage in the Sun we issued the bulletin which you can see on the screen now.”

In the video, which was uploaded today onto Vimeo by a user under the name of “Karlo”, the Nissan employee discusses a change in the process that workers will follow if a chassis fault is reported subsequent to recent reports in the press.

Alongside a bulletin on the screen, the employer says: “If you’re not aware, the process that we’re following is any customer of a 2005 or 2007 Navarra or Pathfinder will be directed to our customer support department.

He continues with: “…send us a report, and we inspect and look at that report, and if we decide that the chassis is perforated, then customer support will offer a commercial solution and if the customer says that’s okay then that will be the end of the process.”

The Nissan employee talks about changing the process Nissan currently uses to deal with reports of corroded or snapped chassis’, saying: “We have now developed a preventative process for chassis corrosion. This work is supposed to be carried out at Nissan MOT centres, presumably when the cars are sent in for testing. It is unclear whether the intention is to notify the owners of the test and the treatment to be applied to the chassis.

“We need the vehicle to be inspected more thoroughly which will require the body to be removed, and if it’s not perforated then we will treat that chassis with a paint that will prevent corrosion. If the chassis is corroded to the point of perforation, then there’s no change to what we do now.”

However, despite near enough admitting that there have been issues with the Nissan chassis’, the employer insists that the corrosion of the chassis happens over time and “the customer will be well aware of what’s going on underneath”.

He continues that the problem does not warrant a safety recall as: “What doesn’t happen is that you do not lose sudden control of the vehicle”, suggesting instead that the chassis will bend before snapping completely, therefore warning the owner of the fault.

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