Debt Recovery for Businesses

Unpaid debts have an enormous impact on businesses of all sizes. You need to act quickly and efficiently to ensure that invoices are paid without them causing unnecessary hardship.

We can tailor our debt collection service to meet your needs on an individual ad hoc basis or as an ongoing retainer to be there for you whenever you need us.

We can send a letter of claim, negotiate settlement terms with your debtor, issue proceedings for recovery and enforce judgements against the debtor to secure the best outcome for you

Bankruptcy, court proceedings, judgement enforcement, winding up, these are all methods which we can use to ensure that you recover as much debt that is due to you as possible, as quickly as possible. Our service is tailored to your needs, no two businesses are the same and neither are their needs, you can be assured of our best possible service to reach the outcome that you need.

Attwood Solicitors can help YOU!

We work tirelessly to ensure that each client receives the outcome that they deserve. Get in touch today with your civil litigation enquiries, and benefit from:

  • Fixed fee consultation – For your piece of mind, the initial consultation with our legal specialist will be charged at a Fixed fee of £75 + VAT. Our specialists will then seek to uncover the key issues you are facing before advising on your next move.
  • Local service – Attwood experts are able to meet professional clients on-site, saving you time and money. Logistical flexibility also enables us to gain first-hand experience of your site, which can be essential when dealing with workplace-based enquiries.
  • Flexibility – Our business structure ensures that we have greater flexibility than other agencies who may decline work that doesn’t meet strict criteria.

Fixed Fee Debt Recovery Solicitors

We offer several options in respect of debt recovery work ranging from providing you with the necessary template letters to pursue the debt yourself to our undertaking the complete process on your behalf. Where we refer to disbursements below this would include, enquiry agent fees if needed, enforcement agents fees again if needed and expenses incurred in attending at court.

To cover the complete process we would charge at hourly rate of £200 plus VAT+ disbursements this is probably only economic where the debt owed to you is substantial, in excess of £10,000.00.

To do the letter before action, draft claim form, and work up to but not including issue of proceedings would cost £500.00 plus VAT.

To supply a template document pack comprising pre-action letter, debt information form, list of income and expenditure, to enable you to pursue the debt yourself the cost would be £250.00 plus VAT.

For initial advice (1/2 hours) only the cost would be £75.00 plus VAT

Let’s get started

If you have a civil litigation enquiry, the first step is simply to get in touch with us. You can give us a call on 01782 416 016, email us, or complete our online enquiry form – whatever feels most comfortable for you.

We look forward to providing you, and your business with the legal support you need.

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