Eye Bag Removal & Eyelid Treatment (Blepharoplasty)

Eye Bag Removal, Eyelid Treatment or Blepharoplasty is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery treatments in the UK: it is incredibly popular. For the vast majority of people their surgery is a success and it reduces droopy or hooded eyelids making the face look fresher. In most instances it is also a relatively straight-forward procedure normally performed under local or general anaesthetic, with incisions made in the natural creases of the skin. The aim is to remove excess skin and fat, improving the appearance due to a lack of elasticity as we age.

However, occasionally, as a result of negligence, your Blepharoplasty can go wrong. You may experience:

  • Preventable or poorly treated infection
  • Removal of too much skin resulting in an inability to fully close your eyes
  • Over-correction leading to damage to the cornea
  • Double, blurred or impaired vision
  • Haemorrhage causing bleeding in to the eye socket, potentially damaging the optic nerve
  • Uneven appearance due to poor technique
  • Droopiness

Sometimes it can be difficult to ascertain whether the negative affects you have suffered arose from negligence. We are legal experts. Contact Us for a free no obligation consultation to help you decide whether you wish to make a claim.

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I am writing to you personally to say thank you to Attwood's for a job well done with my recent claims. It initially started out as one claim, but eventually became a little more complicated when another was added following a review of my condition by one of your dental experts. Throughout the last couple of years as the claim has progressed I have been fully supported by your colleague Luke Taylor. I have thanked him personally for all the good work and support he gave me over the last couple of years, it was quite a journey for both of us but with the right outcome, but I just wanted to also highlight to yourself the good service and support he provided me with. It was very much needed and appreciated. He has always been very professional and the advice he has given has always been with real feeling and thought, and not the "just my job" attitude. Even when I was very wary of what to do next, he always explained it in simple terms for me understand and move forward. If I ever need similar help in the future, your company will be the first I contact. With my sincere appreciation and regards.

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I contacted Attwood Solicitors requesting that they represent me. Their response to date has been way beyond my expectations . They have provided a comprehensive and professional service at every stage, with a dedicated member of staff as my contact.

Mr E C Akers from Darlington

All my queries and issues have been resolved very efficiently and you have always contacted me back when promised. I have certainty felt you have been acting on my behalf and would like to thank you for that. Once again we would like to convey our sincere thanks to you and would have no reservations recommending you to anyone else – you have been a star :)

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