Dental Negligence

You only have one set of teeth! A lack of appropriate treatment, particularly over time, is likely to create more serious dental problems that can manifest over time. Attwood Solicitors, Personal Injury Specialists, believe no one should suffer from negligent treatment, and this extends to dental care. Corrective treatment for poor or wrong treatment can require corrective and/or ongoing treatment that is not only painful, but expensive. If you have suffered Dental Negligence as a result of poor dental care and treatment then you could be entitled to compensation. At Attwood Solicitors we can make the process as straightforward and stress free as possible on a no win, no fee basis.

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Dental Negligence

  • What is Dental Negligence?
  • Do I Have to Pay?
  • What Compensation Will I receive?
  • Why Choose Attwood Solicitors?
  • How to Claim
  • What About Gum Disease?


What is Dental Negligence?

Negligence occurs if you have received sub-standard treatment from a dentist. Dental Negligence has potentially occurred if:

  • You are repeatedly suffering with a dental problem and your dentists are engaging with minimal discussion and/or providing treatment that is ineffective.
  • You consider the treatment you received was provided without alternative options being discussed with you.
  • You were not informed of any risks.
  • Following your treatment your symptoms persist.
  • You left the dental surgery without a clear understanding of the cause of your symptoms.
  • You had a missed or false diagnosis which has led to a worsened condition.
  • You received careless dental work and/or poor standards of hygiene

All areas of dental treatment can encounter dental negligence, they include but are not limited to:

  • Oral Surgery, including extractions
  • Neglect and resulting dental decay
  • Crowns & Bridges
  • Root Canal Treatments
  • Gum Disease
  • Cosmetic Procedures including veneers
  • Orthodontic Treatment

You can Contact Attwood Solicitors for a no obligation, free, consultation to discuss any of the above and to find out whether you have suffered Dental Negligence.

Do I Have to Pay?

We believe you have suffered already and therefore have chosen to make all Dental Negligence claims through us on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis. This is called a Conditional Fee Agreement and ensures that you will not pay a penny unless we win your Dental Negligence claim. No Win, No Fee is an agreement between us and you stating that you cannot be charged if your compensation claim is unsuccessful.

Contact Attwood Solicitors to begin your No Win, No Fee claim today.

What Compensation Will I Receive?

In a nutshell, you are entitled to compensation for:

  • Your pain and suffering: both physical and psychological
  • The cost of past and ongoing corrective treatment
  • Any past or future financial losses resulting from your injury, such as loss of earnings
  • Needing to recover costs if the consequences of the Dental Negligence have left you unable to undertake tasks you previously completed yourself, and now need someone else to undertake these

The amount of compensation you may receive varies from case to case. Contact Attwood Solicitors if you think you have suffered a financial loss and are not sure if you can claim for it.


Why Choose Us?

Our experienced team of Dental Negligence Solicitors are here to help and assist you through this difficult time. We will endeavour to ensure you receive compensation for the damage caused to you, both physically and financially. Any form of dental injury or negligence can cause significant distress – we understand this and are here to make the process easy and stress free for you. At Attwood Solicitors we extend this to ensure we not only carry out your claim but strive to achieve the best possible remuneration settlement for you.

Dental errors and negligence claims are a specialist area. Attwood Solicitors have repeatedly, and consistently, successfully represented clients with dental negligence claims resulting from sub-standard care. We have established an experienced team to deal with such cases. This team includes highly skilled dental experts and a Barrister who is not only an expert in the Law, but is dual qualified in dentistry too. This is a unique combination ensuring Attwood Solicitors have the best possible team to undertake Dental Negligence claims. Through our knowledge, experience, and reputation we can prove the negligence and low standard of care you received.

Our team are here for you, to make the process stress-free. Contact Us to discuss how we can process your claim.

How Do I Make a Claim?

Your first step is to contact us in the way you are most comfortable with. We understand you have been caused distress and we care that communicating about what has happened can be difficult. YOU choose the method of contact. We will respond to YOUR needs. You can contact us through the following channels:



Telephone: 01782 416016

Free Claims Helpline: 0800 145 5105

Text CLAIMS to 88010 for a call back (texts are charged at Standard Network Rate)

What Type of Things are Covered

Every Dental Negligence case is different. You can Contact Us to discuss your personal case to see if you have grounds for a Dental Negligence claim. Alternatively, please explore the links below to find out more:

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Attwoods Win £45,000 Compensation due to Dental Errors

£45,000 settlement of contested Dental Negligence claim. The Claimant suffered severe periodontal disease and will require the replacement of the majority of her teeth over the next 15-20 years. In the case the Defendants attempted to argue that the Claimant’s genetic predisposition to periodontal disease suggested she would have found herself in this position in any event. Read more success stories from other clients, just like you.

Client awarded £15,000 following a delay in treatment for his periodontal condition;

Our client was awarded £15,000 following a delay in necessary treatment for his periodontal condition leading to accelerated damage. Three dentists saw our client in consultations between 2008-2011 however he was not referred to a periodontal expert. As a result, he lost a number of teeth up to 5 years sooner than had he received specialist treatment.Our client approached Attwood Solicitors for impartial advice and agreed for us to deal with his dental negligence claim. All three Dentists denied liability for accelerated damaged nevertheless, following negotiations, we were able to agree a settlement of £15,000.

No Win, No Fee

No Win, No Fee

The No Win No Fee system allows every potential dental negligence sufferer to claim the compensation that they deserve. The process that such claims undergo means that there are no fees payable whatsoever pending the results of your claim. Following a successful award of compensation from your dental negligence claim, our fees are then recoverable from the other side.

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I am writing to you personally to say thank you to Attwood's for a job well done with my recent claims. It initially started out as one claim, but eventually became a little more complicated when another was added following a review of my condition by one of your dental experts. Throughout the last couple of years as the claim has progressed I have been fully supported by your colleague Luke Taylor. I have thanked him personally for all the good work and support he gave me over the last couple of years, it was quite a journey for both of us but with the right outcome, but I just wanted to also highlight to yourself the good service and support he provided me with. It was very much needed and appreciated. He has always been very professional and the advice he has given has always been with real feeling and thought, and not the "just my job" attitude. Even when I was very wary of what to do next, he always explained it in simple terms for me understand and move forward. If I ever need similar help in the future, your company will be the first I contact. With my sincere appreciation and regards.

Client From Lancashire

I contacted Attwood Solicitors requesting that they represent me. Their response to date has been way beyond my expectations . They have provided a comprehensive and professional service at every stage, with a dedicated member of staff as my contact.

Mr E C Akers from Darlington

All my queries and issues have been resolved very efficiently and you have always contacted me back when promised. I have certainty felt you have been acting on my behalf and would like to thank you for that. Once again we would like to convey our sincere thanks to you and would have no reservations recommending you to anyone else – you have been a star :)

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