Dental Negligence

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If you have received sub-standard treatment from the dentist, you may be entitled to receive compensation for Dental Negligence.

Sub-standard Dental Care

Visiting the dentist is not a particularly pleasant experience; whether it is a routine check-up or for something more serious. In all circumstances, when dealing with dental professionals, we expect to receive the highest standard of care. We should all feel confident that our dentist is well-trained and follows the best practice guidelines. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and occasionally some of us may receive sub-standard care or treatment.

What can I do?

The majority of dental practitioners operate their practices to the highest possible standards and provide their patients with the right advice and treatment. However, if this has not been your experience, we might be able to help you recover financial damages in compensation for the poor treatment you have received.

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Other forms of Dental Negligence Claims

If you have been charged for unnecessary dental treatment, you may be able to make a claim for the excessive costs incurred.

Also, if you feel you were pressured or even induced to opt for private dental treatments (as you were told that the treatment was not available under the NHS) and have since discovered that it was unnecessary for you to pay for private care, then you might be entitled to claim compensation.

There are also other forms of negligence with regards to dental treatment and, if a breach of the duty of care owed to you by the dental professional is proved, you might be able to make a claim, e.g. if dental equipment such as swabs are left in your mouth or even dropped down your throat.

If Dental Negligence is proven, what could I be entitled to claim for?
  • Financial damages for suffering endured.
  • Loss of earnings (due to need to take time off work for further treatment etc.)
  • Incidental ‘Out of Pocket’ expenses incurred whilst your claim is being processed.
  • Costs for any remedial treatment that may be necessary to rectify the damage caused due to the negligence.

What do I do next?

Our experienced team of Dental Negligence Specialists are here to help and assist you through this difficult time. We will endeavour to ensure you receive compensation for the damage caused to you. To find out more and to discuss your potential claim, please contact us on 0800 145 5105 or alternatively e-mail or text CLAIMS to 88010.

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Any form of dental injury can cause significant distress, can be extremely painful and can lead to further complications whereby further treatment may be required. As a result we at Attwood Solicitors will strive to achieve the best possible remuneration settlement for you.

Dental Negligence – Latest News

Romsey Advertiser (2nd June 2012) – An Alresford woman has been awarded £20,000 in an out of court settlement after her dentist’s negligence led to the loss of four teeth.

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